Academic teaching

Lecturer, Vienna University of Economics and Business (2014-2020)

Environmental Change and Policy II (2017/18 – 2019/20)

Growth, Well-being, and Development, SEEP Masters Program (2015/16 – 2016/17)
This course provides a general introduction to questions of political economy of growth theories from a historical perspective. Starting from Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, students look at the contributions of Says, Malthus, Ricardo, and Marx in classical economic theory and the eventual rise of marginalism in UK, France, and Austria and the birth of neo-classical economics. These are later compared with developments in hetereodox economic theories (Keynesians, Sraffians, Structuralists) in the light of modern day financialized Western capitalist economies. The course also covers the impact of growth on well-being and the environment.

Bridging course in Economics, SEEP Masters Program (2014, 2015)
5 day intensive course introducing master level students with no or little economics backgrounds to recent debates with a pluralistic approach. The course was built around Ha-Joon Chang’s book Economics: A User’s Guide (2014, Penguin Books). Lecture slides are given below:

Lecture 1 – Introduction to economics
Lecture 2 – Microeconomics
Lecture 3 – Macroeconomics
Lecture 4 – Finance and Financialization
Lecture 5 – Unemployment, Distributions, Environment

Instructor, University of London External Program at University College Lahore (2001-03, 2004-05)
Taught the following undergraduate courses for the U0L external program: Mathematics for Economists, Further Mathematics for Economists, Quantitative Methods, Management Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics

Capacity Building
Program lead for the CLEAR Initiative in Pakistan September 2011 – August 2013
CLEAR is a multi-donor funded monitoring and evaluation capacity building program currently running in five regions around the globe.

Developed customized courses on impact evaluations for public sector audiences in South Asia with specific focus on Pakistan. The courses were developed in collaboration with the Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), MIT and the Evidence for Policy and Design (EPoD), Harvard Kennedy School.

Two 5-day intensive courses have been developed and streamlined in Pakistan; Monitoring and Evaluation: Data and Project Management Tools course for early career professionals and an Executive Education course for senior professionals.

Conducted trainings in Nepal, Sri Lanka as part of the CLEAR South Asia outreach program.

Conducted trainings at the National School of Public Policy (NSPP), Government of Pakistan, for mid-career civil servants.

Computer languages
Instructor, Computer Language Workshop, New School for Social Research (4 semesters, 2008-10)
Stata, Matlab, Mathematica, NetLogo

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